One of the main reasons why people do not seek chiropractic care is cost.

At Sidney Chiropractic and Massage Therapy, many of our services are covered by private insurance plans, extended health plans provided by an employer, Medical Service Plan (MSP), WorkSafeBC, and ICBC.

Coverage Details for Extended Health Plans

Treatments such as Chiropractic, Registered Massage Therapy, and Acupuncture are often covered by extended health benefits.

It is best to check with your insurance provider to learn what your benefits cover, prior to your visit. Our talented staff can help you navigate your payment options, but we aren’t always able to access all the details of your coverage. We ask that you contact your service plan provider directly to find out your individual coverage amounts such as annual coverage, deductibles, and partial coverage percentages. Only your specific plan provider can give you the details.

Many extended health companies allow us to bill the cost of your treatments directly, on your behalf – please visit our Direct Billing section or contact our reception staff for more information.

Medical Services Plan (MSP) Coverage

If you qualify for MSP Premium Assistance, we can bill MSP directly for a portion of your treatment. You will need to provide us with your BC Services Card (or Care Card) information. MSP Premium Assistance currently covers $23 per visit towards any appointment – the remaining cost varies per therapy and is payable at time of service. Up to 10 treatments can be billed to MSP per calendar year which is shared between all supplementary health care services: Chiropractic, Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Physiotherapy.

WorkSafeBC Coverage – Chiropractic Services Only

Workers who are injured on the job and who qualify for workers compensation benefits are covered for eight weeks of chiropractic treatment at no cost. Treatment may not coincide with additional treatments (eg. physiotherapy) without prior approval from WorkSafeBC. If you have been hurt on the job, contact your family chiropractor immediately to begin recovery. Please inform the front desk if your treatments are a result of a workplace injury to ensure that your claim is processed in a timely fashion.

ICBC Insurance Coverage

We may be able to bill ICBC directly for injuries sustained during a motor vehicle collision. If your injury occurred after April 1, 2019 please provide your claim number so we can verify if your claim is covered for chiropractic or massage therapy treatment.  ICBC will only cover a certain number of visits for a limited duration post injury (12 weeks following your injury date) – requests for treatment extensions are not guaranteed.

We cannot guarantee payment for your claims so payment of services may be required upfront.

If you are working with a lawyer, on occasion we can set up pre-authorized billing for ongoing treatment sessions. Please have your lawyer contact our office to sort our billing arrangements.