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Rachelle Boutros RMT, BA (Kin)

Rachelle is a graduate of the Massage Therapy program from Sutherland-Chan in Toronto. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Western University. Rachelle has worked at various locations across Ontario and British Columbia, and is registered with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia.

Rachelle employs a holistic approach, finding points of tension in the body and working to relieve them to fix the body as a whole. She believes that to achieve the best possible outcome you need to solve the root of the problem. Rachelle uses a variety of techniques, such as myofascial, joint mobilizations, and trigger point therapy to work with you and seek out the best possible treatment for you.

Whether you need to treat an injury or seek relaxation, Rachelle believes in the power of massage therapy to encourage healing!



One thought on “Massage Therapy

  1. I am looking for an RMT, my regular one is on maternity leave and so I need to find a replacement. I prefer female, as I have a piriformis injury that needs regular work, along with my usual aches and pains. I prefer Tuesday evenings, and I need you to direct bill. I generally require treatment once-a-week, but do work shiftwork so sometimes even Tuesdays I may have to cancel, of course with proper notice.
    Are you able to accomodate that?

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